What’s Your Favourite Piece of Thoughts-Blowing Automotive Trivia?

What’s Your Favourite Piece of Thoughts-Blowing Automotive Trivia?

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I really like automotive historical past, and it appears so do you. Whether or not it’s tales of paramilitary girls’s teams supporting Melancholy period sit-ins or the unusual saga of how America’s busiest border crossing turned the lynchpin in a non-public empire, there are tons of little attention-grabbing, mind-blowing nuggets of tales and details on the market. What are a few of your favorites?

In case you missed it:

Rising up, Henry Ford was one thing of a neighborhood saint, till you heard all of the wild issues about him. However my favourite Ford story isn’t how he obtained a vial of Thomas Edison’s ultimate breath, or arrange a Detroit suburb within the Amazon jungle, and even when he invented the unboxing video after shopping for the chair Lincoln was shot in. No, my favourite story is how the Dodge Brothers pulled a fairly epic burn on Ford’s entire household and enterprise.

On Nov. 1, 1916, Henry Ford’s son Edsel married Eleanor Clay in a mansion in Detroit surrounded by shut buddies, the creme de la creme of Detroit. Blended in with that creme had been the famously rowdy and uncouth Dodge Brothers, who Ford owed a hell of numerous his success to. The Dodge Brothers drank Ford’s wine and toasted to the newly married couple. After which the very subsequent day, they filed a lawsuit towards Ford. That lawsuit, by the way, would result in a win for the Brothers and the authorized precedent that firms exist solely to create income for shareholders.

These Dodge Brothers had been ice chilly. Anyway, what are a few of your favourite attention-grabbing tidbits of automotive lore? What’s a factoid that saved your group’s ass throughout a Trivia Night time? What’s one thing you learn you could’t wait to inform your different gear heads if you see them?

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